Frequently asked questions


What is StackBeatz Platinum Membership?

A Membership that is available for producers & artists. For more in-depth information go to PLANS & BEAT ALLIANCE.

How do StackBeatz sell my beats?

As A Platinum member you are entitled to send your beats every month to us, where we include them in our beat packs that we email to our 300+ Customers every month. This will happen a minimum of once per month, sometimes more.

How will I get paid when StackBeatz sell my beats?

We deal with each transaction manually. We use services such as wire transfer or PayPal to transfer payments.

What percentage do StackBeatz take when they make a beat sale that includes me?

50% for all lease sales. 40% for Exclusive sales. Advance payments only, we do not take royalty split percentages on your tracks.

What platforms do StackBeatz currently use to upload my beats on? (Subject to change)

Currently; StackBeatz Beat Store , Soundcloud , VOLOCO , VOISEY , YOUTUBE , SPOTIFY, INSTAGRAM

How many beats can I upload to StackBeatz Beat Store?

We upload once per month. To keep everything fair for all team producers on StackBeatz we request that you send 3 of your beats to upload, they get scheduled for release with a time & date.
However, on StackBeatz Platinum membership you are entitled to unlimited beat changes through the month as long as you stick to 3 beats per time.

When do i send beats for uploads on StackBeatz online platforms?

This varies. Usually at the end of the month. You will be notified through our producer group chat for updates on this.

When do i send beats for beat packs being sent to artists, managers & A&R's?

This varies. You will be notified through our producer group chat for updates on this.
Atleast once per month but some months more.

Can i swap my beats around on the beat store when i want?

As part of the StackBeatz Platinum Membership, Yes.


On the 15th of every month, StackBeatz Platinum members receive a downloadable pack via their exclusive members only VIP AREA on the website & emails.
It includes exclusive producer material such as; MIDI Files, Drum Loops, Melody Loops, Drum Sound-Packs, Sound Bundle-Packs, Preset Packs, Video Tutorials, VST's, VST Expansions, VST Skins, #TEAMCOLLAB's, Info & Reads, Loyalty Coupons, Exclusive Discounts & More.


As a StackBeatz Platinum member, we make it easy for you to collaborate with other producers from around the world and cut out the anxiety of communicating or requesting to collaborate with people you do not know. This is done exclusively & In-House.

You are able to submit 5 melodies, drum loops or FLP Files per month which get put into the #STUDIOPACK & distributed to the worldwide StackBeatz Platinum team of producers every 15th of the month.


This is a series of In-House competitions that we run for StackBeatz Platinum members.

An example of a competition previously ran - A Collaboration file was sent to all competition entrees, they had to collaborate and finish the beat in their own style. Then submit the final production to our group chat where all team members would vote who they believe should be first place & second place winners. 1st place gets a money prize & extra beat pack sent to our customers or placement oppurtunities & a 2GB soundpack. 2ND place winner gets a 1GB sound pack.

What is the StackBeatz Team Group Chat & what's it used for?

The group chat is an oppurtunity for you to network and discuss industry topics with all of your StackBeatz Platinum fellow team members from around the world !
This also gives you the oppurtunity to set-up in-house collaborations with your team members.

Alongside providing a networking oppurtunity, we use the group chat for all updates of what is currently going on in StackBeatz as things are always on the move!
Such as dates of submissions for beats for example for online uploads or for beat packs for artists or for updates on competitions or events and much much more.


What is StackBeatz ?

A Company that helps producers & recording artists worldwide.

How can I get more information?

We will answer your questions in a FREE 30 minute 1-to-1 call. CLICK HERE to schedule.


We are constantly updating our web-page and we would like to know and answer your question.

You can schedule a FREE 30 MINUTE 1-TO-1 CALL HERE And get the answer to your question plus discuss any other music related topics with us!