Top 5 VST's For Producers In 2020

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

A Quick guide to our top 5 VST's of 2020 written in a list below.

Output Arcade

• UVI Falcon

• Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.6

• Native Instruments Massive X

Xfer Records Serum

1) Output Arcade - Described By Output Themselves as 'A New Kind Of Synthesizer'. Arcade is an innovative VST that features Loop Packs that include Melody Loop Samples and Drum Loops Samples. The Loop Packs are updated "Every-day" where you receive new samples directly in the VST dashboard where you can download and use them. The VST allows you to manipulate each sound in your own way by adding reverb, distortion, delay, reverse effects, 1/2 time & double time plus many more effects, simply by moving a slider or using the black keys on your keyboard / DAW. A COMPLETELY FREE DEMO for 30 days is available here - Output Arcade Free Demo

At just £7.99 per month, this VST provides A LOT of quality & quantity! 2) UVI Falcon - Described By UVI Themselves as A 'Powerful Hybrid Synthesizer For Infinite Possibilities'. Falcon can be ran as a VST, AAX, An Audio Unit Plugin or even as A Stand-Alone plugin. Although being A complex tool for programmers & sound designers, incorporating sound manipulation tools such as modulators, oscillators, audio effects, arppegiators, micro tuners & much more, it also a great sampler with amazing sample libraries that come as standard with the purchase of the plugin.

The sounds are great and comparable to the synthesis of Spectrasonics Omnisphere! Extra sound expansion packs are available for purchase, each expansion pack have great sounds that are editable through the synthesizers effects/processors. The plugin itself & the expansion packs are authorized by iLok. You receive up to 3 concurrent authorizations at one time. But rest assured you do not have to purchase an iLok dongle to authorize your product, you can simply create a free online account with iLok Licence Manager.

3) Spectrasonics Ominsphere 2.6 - Described By Spectrasonics Themselves as An 'amazing-sounding instrument that will spark a lifetime of exploration'.

Often described as one of the best VST's within the music producer community, with A wide variety of sounds, it includes 'Over 14000 sampled sounds'. Spectrasonics update the VST every few months which include new sounds, effects and more.

However, a pricey option with no demo of this product you can pick up a boxed product or digital download from Spectrasonics themselves or one of their trusted resellers such as PMT. Omnisphere 2 costs $499 or £339 to purchase. The product is authorized by their own authorization system with a serial number and activation code. The 'Single-user multiple computer licence' allows for you to install the software on as many computers as you own, as long as it is you that is using it and nobody else. 3) Native Instruments Massive X - Described By Native Instruments Themselves as their 'Next Generation Flagship Synthesizer'.

"Based on the DNA of Massive"

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